“My son started Taekwondo here 7 years ago and still loves this place. He is a black belt now.”

“Excellent experience with Kangs. The instructors are great with kids: helping them to participate at the beginning and then to stay motivated.”
– Abi C

“I play high school soccer in the fall, which is a completely different experience from Tae Kwon Do. With high school sports, there is a constant pressure to compete for spots on the team and to not mess up once you get there. But Kang’s Martial Arts has a relaxed atmosphere and a much greater sense of community. Whether you want to practice only once a week or train every day for tournaments, Kang’s is a great fit. My 17th birthday just passed, and I still love coming to class every day.”
– Isaac

“My two sons, Ben and Luke, have been training with Kang’s Martial Arts for the past several years and are just as enthusiastic about going to lessons now as they were when they first began. They love learning Tae Kwon Do at Kang’s where they train hard but have a lot of fun at the same time. They appreciate the many friends they have made there along with guidance and support that they have received from Master Jason and Master C. My sons have had the opportunity to compete at several tournaments and have been excited and proud to show what they have learned. We look forward to both of them getting their black belt someday at Kang’s which will truly be a great accomplishment.”
– Mary T

“The instructors are very insightful and professional. Alina has been going to Kang’s school for over a year now and it’s just amazing. The school really teaches self-defense and works on core values of respect, responsibility, and discipline. Alina is more confident and gets a great cardio workout. I feel confident that Alina is able to defend herself if a situation was to arise. They have a great system with rewarding children for doing a good job, when Alina gets a star or tape on her belt she is just overjoyed for accomplishment and that her hard work is not going undetected. The school also has parties such as Halloween and movie/game night, where the kids have fun and spend their time in a clean professional safe environment with instructors and kids they know. The instructors are just fabulous and really responsive to any concerns parents may have. Overall I would highly recommend Kang’s school, I think it’s a fabulous place!!!”
– Mahija V

Children can start as young as 4 years old. Their individual attention span and interest level will determine when they are ready.

Yes! Martial arts helps kids become strong, fit, and coordinated. Kids who don’t naturally have these qualities will develop them and kids who do have these qualities grow even more.

Absolutely. Students with low self-esteem often come out of their shells. As their skill levels increase, they feel more and more confident. Other kids look up to them, just as they look up the other kids who are ahead of them. It builds a sense of confidence, pride, and teamwork.

Yes! We have a good mix of both girls and boys in our kid’s Martial Arts classes! Martial Arts programs serve as a positive outlet for both boys and girls to gain confidence, strength, and increase self-esteem.

It’s never too late to learn martial arts as long as the student does not have a serious medical condition that prevents it. Adult students find that marital arts becomes an activity they enjoy for their entire lives.

It is best to consult a doctor before attempting rigorous physical activity, but many adult students report pre-existing physical problems lessen or disappear as a result of improving their overall fitness through martial arts training.

Our school offers classes that teach students self-defense techniques that can be used in real-life situations. This is particularly useful for children and women as it empowers them and reduces the chances that they will become victims of violence.

Children, adult, and family classes are available Monday through Saturday, in the mornings, afternoons and evenings. Private lessons are also available.

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